Hidden Treasures of LA Center Studios

Amenities of LACS / April 9, 2019

If you look beyond the Miesian-styled hexagonal tower that anchors our multipurpose facility, what do you see? We invite you to step inside and take a look at the beautiful amenities in our campus setting, or as we call it: our hidden treasures.

Be sure to check out the picturesque trees near the new fireplace area by our lobby. Visit this space for a quiet, reflective moment to recharge one’s creativity.

If you look up, you’ll be greeted by mid-century modern circular lights in the main lobby when you enter every morning.


Have you seen our spacious lounge next to the bike storage area? It welcomes the kind of casual congregation of people that undoubtedly foster the next batch of great ideas.

Last but not least, our upper patio area has been updated for special events with a sprawling view of the downtown skyline. 

So, if you are already a tenant, take the time to get to know these spaces and if you’re considering LACS for your next project, please think of this as your invitation. We don’t anticipate our hidden treasures staying secret for much longer…


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