Los Angeles Center Studios Young Filmmaker Competition

Happenings / March 10, 2015

For all of you up-and-coming filmmakers who are young, hungry, and oh-so-crazy-talented in this rough and tumble two bit tinseltown, Los Angeles Center Studios has the perfect film competition for you.

Working with industry professionals is all well and good, but what if we wanted something new, something different? The good news is that we want to share that sweet, sweet #LACSLife with you. For the first time ever we’re opening up our facilities to one lucky, young filmmaker! Surprisingly one of the most difficult aspects of making a movie is finding a place where people can watch it. (Always sweat the small stuff.) Los Angeles Center Studios wants to help. Creativity goes hand in hand with LACS, and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. Won’t you join us?

What’s The Deal?

Beginning March 16th and ending April 17th, the Los Angeles Center Studios Young Filmmaker Competition invites all young creators aged 18-30 to submit their film for the chance to win a state-of-the-art 400-seat theater screening event for their film. This means that you get to invite whomever you want to your screening! Send an invitation to the President. We’re not gonna stop you. You provide the entertainment and bodies, we provide the venue!

What Am I Entering?

Your magnum opus (so far). We want to see what you’ve got, so send us a trailer. This is your chance to wow us.

What’s the Catch?

The rules are fairly simple. Since this is a Young Filmmaker Competition we want to see as many entries as possible. See below for basic rules and method of entry. For official terms and conditions, click here.

The Basics
  • One Entry Per Person
  • The Contest Is Open For Creators Aged 18-30
  • The Film Must Have Been Completed After 1/1/14
  • The Submitted Film Must Be Complete
  • Any Size Film Is Acceptable, Although Feature-Length Films Are Encouraged

How to Enter Your Film
  • A Trailer or Teaser for the Film Must Be Uploaded to YouTube
  • The URL for the Uploaded Teaser or Trailer Must Then Be Emailed to Competition@LACSlife.com During Dates of the Competition to be Considered for the Grand Prize Along with Your Name, Contact Information, and Age.

But Who Wins?

Our judging process is straightforward: Based on the strongest trailers/teasers, we’ll contact the creators in order to review their full film at which point they will be judged by a panel of industry experts at Los Angeles Center Studios. The winner of the Grand Prize screening will be notified on or by April 24th.

OK, So Now What?

Get busy. Are you the next Steve McQueen? Another Spielberg? How about an Ava DuVernay? Maybe you’re the Wes Anderson type. Our advice? Be you. We want to see the next great filmmaker, so submit your movie and let us take a look.

To download a onesheet of this event, click here.

LACS Beaudry Theater

LACS life
LACS life
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