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Amenities of LACS / studio school / August 29, 2019

Adam Sandler sings in Billy Madison in that classic melancholic tone: “Back to School, back to school“ And it’s true, there’s no escaping it. The Trapper Keeper is labeled, the pencils have been sharpened, affixed with a comfort grip and topped with an additional eraser… and you can hear the school bus pull up, so grab the backpack and some cash for an extra snack!

It’s time to go back to school, and there’s no better occasion to highlight LACS Studio School.

Have you ever wanted to learn at the center of where it all actually happens? Would you like a campus that is headquartered inside a 20-acre full-service studio for TV, film and commercial production? Are you looking for a BFA program in Film & TV, Acting, Art, Musical Theatre, or Dance? How about a BA in Entrepreneurship? Then you might be interested to know more about the core fundamentals offered at the Studio School.


Their mission is to shape the entertainment professionals of tomorrow by fostering an educational experience rooted in collaboration and innovation. They offer programs aimed at  inspiring excellence in a project-oriented learning environment designed to unleash the imagination and bring creative ideas to lifeunder the mentorship of industry professionals. 


The team of faculty and mentors is comprised of Oscar-winning studio leaders, industry experts and distinguished educators from across the country that embrace the digital revolution and technologies of today. You will be learning in real-time about the latest advances, trends, and practices being used in the industry today. 

The school takes a holistic approach towards developing the full potential of each student and accounts for the learning that happens outside the classroom. There is a focus on enriching the lives of the students and support a lifetime of achievement by fostering personal/professional best practices, facilitating collaborative experiences, empowering creative expressions and supporting students in their needs.


With class nearly back in session, it’s time to think about jumpstarting your creative career in an environment and program designed to encourage collaboration, content creation and academic interaction. 


Check out the Studio School and let us know what you think.



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