Best picnic spots in LA!

Uncategorized / July 19, 2022

Picnicking is one way we’ve found to keep our minds at ease during these crazy times. Whether you’re looking for something quiet and serene or want somewhere a little more lively, there’s a park in Los Angeles perfect for every picnic occasion! We’ve gathered our top 5 picnic locations in Los Angeles that you can head to enjoy this wonderful summer weather. Grab your baskets, picnic blankets, and favorite foods, and get ready to head out to these wonderful locations!

Echo Park

We have to admit, this one is a bit obvious, but it’s a classic Los Angeles location that is perfect for a relaxing picnic. Located on the East side of L.A., this scenic park has unforgettable views of downtown. The coolest part? The swan boats! If you’re feeling adventurous, make an advanced booking for one of these boats and add an aquatic experience to your picnic outing. Echo Park has plenty of vendors around the premises that can help you out if you finish your food early. In addition to being a great place to kick back and relax, once you’re finished eating, the surrounding neighborhood has some beautifully maintained Victorian homes to take in! Park information can be found here!

The Griffith Park Old Zoo!

Griffith Park, which is the largest municipal park with an urban wilderness area in the United States (eat your heart out Central Park), has a beautiful secret.  The ruins of the abandoned LA Zoo; now a popular hiking, picnicking, and filming area. Since it used to be a fully functional zoo, there are plenty of picnic benches that you can take advantage of while feasting on your favorite snacks. Not to be confused with the vibrant, working zoo nearby, the old Griffith Park Zoo has to be one of the most unique areas in Los Angeles for a picnic! When you’re finished eating, head to the abandoned enclosures to see the remnants of what once was. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and grab some pics for the ‘gram! Bonus points if you can find where Anchor Man filmed its historic bear scene! More information about this park can be found here!

Los Angeles State Historic Park

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this park near Chinatown, we highly recommend it! Recently completed in 2017, this park has risen in popularity and become a local favorite. It’s a giant park with amazing views of the downtown skyline. You’ll be searching for shade at this park, so we recommend bringing umbrellas or waiting until sunset to enjoy all it has to offer. Park visitors can wander the large pathways and learn more about the cultural heritage of Los Angeles! For more information about this park, click here!

Los Angeles Center Studios!!

Okay, shameless plug time, but our rooftop lounge is one of the best places to lay out and enjoy a tasty bite! With panoramic views of downtown & jacaranda trees, we highly recommend enjoying the shade of the cabanas or lounging on the couches while you eat. The best part? You can grab your meal from Flix Cafe just downstairs, so you don’t even have to prepare your own food! Do you have your 4-legged friend with you? Head over to our park and relax in an Adirondack chair while you picnic and let the pup run around. For a slice of tranquility, look no further than our garden area off the east lobby- equipped with outdoor furniture perfect for a zen picnic. At LACS, we have our tenants covered. Consider taking advantage of the many outdoor areas for your next picnic. Check out our website for more information!

Roxbury Memorial Park

Roxbury Memorial Park is over 11 acres of maintained green space in peaceful Beverly Hills, making it a great place to clear your head and enjoy some awesome picnic snacks. It has areas ready for fun recreational activities such as lawn bowling, sand volleyball, basketball, and soccer! There is something for the whole family at this park. Known for its shaded areas, it’s a great option on hot summer days to cop-a-squat a-la Pretty Woman and enjoy a picnic. Widely regarded as one of the best parks in L.A., you can’t go wrong landing at Roxbury Memorial! Click this link for more information!

L.A.’s climate encourages dining al fresco, and many restaurants have created more dining patios during the pandemic, which means there are a ton of opportunities for outdoor dining! It also inspired creative home cooking.  So when you’re looking to dine outside your home, without making reservations at a restaurant, try heading to one of these parks for a picnic and enjoy the perfect summer dining experience. This blog will be here for your reference when you do!


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