Los Angeles Center Studios: A Starring Role in Popular Culture

Film & TV / Posts / May 1, 2023

Los Angeles Center Studios (LACS) has long been a prominent player in the world of entertainment. With its rich history, prime location, and versatile facilities, LACS has attracted a diverse array of projects, from blockbuster movies to hit TV shows and commercials. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the ways in which LACS has been featured in popular culture, helping to shape the public’s perception of the film industry and cementing Los Angeles as a hub for creativity and storytelling.

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LACS in Movies and TV Shows

Over the years, numerous popular movies and TV shows have been filmed at LACS, contributing to the studio’s iconic status within the industry. Some notable projects include The Social Network, Inception, and The Lincoln Lawyer, as well as hit TV shows like Mad Men, Scandal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Glee and Picard. More recently, LACS has hosted productions such as the new Fatal Attraction (starring Josh Jackson), History of the World II, and Winning Time. The studio has also been home to commercials for major brands like VW, Toyota, and Liberty Mutual.  Producers and location managers enjoy being at LACS and have returned to create more shows on the campus.

In addition to its success with movies and TV shows, LACS has been a strong choice for music artists. The studio has seen Taylor Swift filming a music video on its 10th floor and Beyoncé rehearsing her concert on a stage. LACS has also hosted reality and documentary shows like Drunk History and The Voice.  With the variety of locations on site, and the easy access for crew and audience, LACS makes it to the top of everyone’s list. 

The variety of productions filmed at LACS showcases the versatility of the studio as a filming location, while also influencing how audiences perceive Los Angeles and the film industry at large.

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The Impact on Los Angeles’ Image

LACS has played a significant role in shaping the portrayal of Los Angeles in popular culture. The studio’s facilities, sets, and services have been instrumental in bringing to life the city’s image as a hub for entertainment and creativity. By hosting a diverse range of projects, LACS has helped to reinforce the notion that LA is the beating heart of the film industry.

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Attractive Features for Filmmakers

There are several aspects of LACS that make it an appealing location for filmmakers. From state-of-the-art facilities and services to iconic sets and a prime location in the heart of Los Angeles, LACS offers an attractive package for those looking to create compelling stories on screen.

For instance, shows like Numbers, Mad Men, and Westworld were able to rent multiple stages side by side, making it easy to accommodate demanding filming schedules. Audience-rated stages have been popular for shows like Good Luck Charlie, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Shake it Up, which starred Zendaya.

Amenities-wise, LACS provides the largest internet bandwidth available as it is on the One Wilshire loop. The on-site café (Flix Cafe) not only serves delicious meals but also caters to productions, making LACS a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Los Angeles Center Studios continues to play a crucial role in popular culture and the film industry. With its unique blend of facilities, services, and iconic sets, LACS remains a go-to destination for filmmakers looking to bring their visions to life. As the studio hosts even more projects in the future, its influence on the portrayal of Los Angeles and the entertainment industry as a whole will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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