Bringing Home the Bacon at the 2016 LA BaconFest.

Happenings / May 12, 2016

Los Angeles Center Studios welcomed the 4th Annual LA Bacon Festival to our DTLA campus, presented by Drink.Eat.Play. The event featured all-things-bacon presented in every way, shape, and culinary bacondelectable form imaginable. Bacon Bingers spent a sizzling day enjoying samples of signature bacon dishes prepared by a multitude of bacon-loving restaurants and bacon-inspired chefs. To top it off (or wash it down), there was unlimited access to amazing craft beers (sorry, no bacon-flavored beer that we were aware of) presented by over 20 breweries, as well as a custom photo booth and exciting live entertainment. Were you there? Either way, take a look at a few images from the amazing baconlicious day here at Los Angeles Center Studios.

All photos courtesy of Drink.Eat.Play. You can see many more on their facebook page.

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LACS life
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