Experience the Magic of Spring at LACS

Happenings / March 20, 2023

Bask in the Blooms at LACS Gardens

Spring at LACS offers the chance to enjoy lush gardens and scenic rooftop spaces, even as Los Angeles experiences a mix of beautiful weather along with occasional rain and wind. The vibrant blooms and greenery create stunning backdrops for outdoor events, productions, and photoshoots. Enjoy al fresco gatherings, workshops, and networking events amidst the blossoms. Despite the unpredictable weather, the beautifully landscaped grounds provide ample inspiration and relaxation in this urban oasis.

Support Local Entrepreneurs: “Black on the Block”

Join us this spring for the recurring, monthly event, “Black on the Block,” a one-of-a-kind festival featuring 100+ Black-owned businesses. More than just a marketplace, this curated, immersive experience offers delicious food, lively music, interactive activations, special guests, and unique networking opportunities, all combining to create an unforgettable time.

The event is family and pet friendly, so bring along your kids and furry friends. If you’re bringing children, please note that there is alcohol and music throughout the market, and kids 12 & under get in free. Some highlights of the event include:

  • An entire food court with various options, including vegan and desserts
  • 5 bars (must be 21+ to purchase drinks)
  • Tattoos, Tooth Gems, and Free Teeth Whitening
  • 360 Photo Booth
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Live DJs performing throughout the day

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with and support a diverse and talented community of entrepreneurs in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Infusing Spring Magic in Film and TV Productions at LACS

As spring blossoms, productions at LACS strive to capture the season’s enchanting essence. The right blend of props, lighting, and set decorations can create a captivating spring-like atmosphere for viewers.

Incorporating blooming flowers, greenery, and pastel hues into your set at LACS brings the season to life. Studio lighting can be adjusted to mimic the warm, diffused sunlight characteristic of spring, setting a welcoming ambiance

By embracing these insights at LACS, your production will transport viewers into a world of renewal and beauty, capturing the magic of spring.

Host Your Spring Event at LACS

Looking for a unique venue for your spring event? LACS offers versatile event spaces, and for the first time in years, our state-of-the-art sound stages are available for events. Our team is here to help you plan your next unforgettable spring experience, whether it’s a film premiere, food or music festival, or private gathering. Dive into the vibes created by iconic productions that have filmed in these spaces such as Mad Men, Truth Be Told, and The Rookie. Bring your vision to life in our legendary spaces, and create lasting memories at LACS this spring.

Embrace Spring at Los Angeles Center Studios

Spring at Los Angeles Center Studios is a celebration of creativity, growth, and community. Be a part of the excitement this season—visit our website or contact our team for more information on upcoming events and opportunities, including “Black on the Block.” We look forward to welcoming you to LACS and sharing the vibrant energy of spring with you!


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