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On the Lot / October 12, 2014

LA Center Studios is more than a production lot, in fact, we like to think of ourselves as a creative community working together to make going to work actually fun, no matter what you do here.


You don’t have to work in entertainment to work at LACS, but you’ll definitely feel the creativity the moment you step on campus. It’s important to us that LACS always strive to evolve, which is why we’ve offered to take some responsibilities off of your plate by providing practical amenities inspired by the people of LACS for the people of LACS. Always forget your dry cleaning? So do we, so we brought one to us. Never wash your brand new totally electric car? Of course not! But maybe someone else doesn’t, so we got some auto detailers on site. But wait, how are you supposed to charge that electric car? Oh, you can just plug it into one of our charging stations while you work. Does the gym parking lot somehow possess the worst drivers in Los Angeles? Yes, yes it does, so we put one here on campus. Does going to the gym make your whole body hurt? Come to our Be Well spa and forget about that big project you have coming up. If you’re like most Angelenos, work and life sort of blur together so we want to make that relationship as effortless and enjoyable as possible.


Since the birth of LACS in 1999, our independent studios have seen a lot of faces. From the Destiny’s Child “Survivor” Video to “The Voice” and “Girl Meets World,” the 6 LACS 18,000 square foot audience rated, state-of-the-art sound stages have been there to meet our needs. LACS is a full service studio for film, television, and commercial production with an emphasis on creative collaboration and a tight knit community vibe. Practical amenities include grip and electric, heavy equipment, transportation, production supplies, expendables, rigging, trussing, audio/visual equipment, and SD/HD television services. Luxury amenities include things like Starbucks, a pet friendly campus, dry cleaning, auto detailing, a spa, a park, and being a part of the cutting edge, creative vibe of Downtown Los Angeles.


We like to have fun in our spare time at LACS, and with an abundance of indoor and outdoor space, and a gourmet caterer, why not throw a party or two? Surrounded by studios and enclosed city streets, with engulfing views of downtown Los Angeles, parties at LACS are unlike any other. We’ve held events for clients like Sony, The NBA Players associated, Activision, and Magic Johnson’s Midsummer Night’s Magic event, but we’re also host to any small corporate events, presentations, and receptions. Our goal at LACS is to have the most amount of fun in a cool, customizable, unique space while maintaining the collaborative community-feel that’s so important to LACS and Downtown Los Angeles.


We want to make sure whether you work, shoot, or play at Los Angeles Center Studios, that it’s the best possible experience it can be. We strongly believe in maintaining a collaborative environment and we can’t operate optimally without all of the people at LACS doing the amazing work they do. For further inquiries please contact our Director of Marketing at

LACS life
LACS life
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