Quiet on the set! Almost too quiet…

Film & TV / LACS at Home / On the Lot / Production / October 7, 2020

Weird noises on set. Doors slamming on their own. A “smudge” on the lens that you can’t seem to wipe away. These are all tell-tale signs that you might be producing a “cursed film.” Most phenomena can be explained, but not in October! It’s time for scary movies, haunted houses (this year, that’s probably your own house!), and generally creeping ourselves out.

The LACS campus is no stranger to the strange. We’ve designed and maintained each nook and cranny to be filmed, which includes an endless hallway, a morgue, a boiler room, a police station, and even a speakeasy with a secret entrance. From pretty to gritty, we’ve got every mood covered, and you can see it reflected in our list of horror and thriller credits, which includes The X-Files, The Butterfly Effect, Prom Night (2008), and so many more. (P.S. make sure to stay tuned the last week of October when we curate a Halloween movie marathon for your viewing displeasure muahahah).

Click the links in the paragraph above to take a virtual tour of some of our spooky sets (don’t worry, we have glamorous sets, too). For maximum chills, we recommend listening to a spooky podcast or ghost story while you’re perusing, like this recording of our engineer discussing things that go bump on the set. Happy haunting!

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