Behind the Screams: 4 Chilling Films Shot at LACS for the Perfect Halloween Marathon

Film & TV / LACS at Home / Posts / Production / October 15, 2020

If you’re a Halloween fanatic, staying safely indoors probably wasn’t at the top of your list of celebratory activities – especially since the beloved holiday falls on a weekend during a full moon at the end of daylight savings time (why 2020? WHY?!). If you’re a horror movie fanatic, however, maybe a fright fest is at the top of your list.

For the viewing pleasure of party animals and couch potatoes alike, we’ve curated a night-long marathon of four films that came to (after) life on our campus. There are ups, downs, thrills, chills, and just the right scary-to-suspenseful ratio to provide an enjoyable night for all tastes. Plus, you can make a game out of trying to identify our sets in the background!

Without further a-BOO!, here is our list for a perfect Halloween Marathon:

7pm The Butterfly Effect (2004)

If you like psychological subject matter and alternate realities, this is the perfect way to kick off your night. Somewhat light on substance, the film is dark and sinister, yet entertaining and fun – an easy-to-watch introduction to an eerie evening.

9pm Dark Water (2005)

No scary movie marathon is complete without at least one “scream queen,” and Jennifer Connelly is one of the screamiest. Master of Giallo, Dario Argento, cast her in her first starring role in Phenomena (1985) when she was just 15, and she’s been chilling us to the core ever since. More disturbing than scary, this is a a serious and claustrophobic complement to Butterfly Effect’s entertaining trippy-ness – the perfect first encore!

11pm Zodiac (2007)

At this point, you’ll be ready for the creepy crescendo, and Zodiac has everything. With David Fincher at the helm (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network), you know you’re in for non-stop, nail-biting anxiety. It’s a slow burn, with amazing performances, 70s vibes, and a deep dive into the bizarre relationship between a serial killer and the detectives trying to catch him.

2am Venom (2005)

For the late night feature, you can turn your brain off with this by-the-book slasher. It has a voodoo priestess, possession, and the gruesome slaughtering of beautiful people – and isn’t that the true spirit of Halloween?! Now, set your clocks back an hour and enjoy one last candy-fueled ride before you drift off to sleep. Sweet Nightmares!

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