New Bike Lounge Installation at LACS

On the Lot / March 9, 2016

From recycling to cycling – Los Angeles Center Studios introduces newest green initiative with campus Bike Lounge.

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Once You Learn, You Never Forget

LA Center Studios is no stranger to green initiatives. Throughout the years, the campus has implemented programs such as bi-annual e-waste recycling collections, collection areas for hazardous products, and HVAC systems for water wise restrooms, all in an effort to be part of the solution to global warming. Most recently, we added four, new electric car-charging stations for tenants and guests to encourage the use of more eco-friendly vehicles. Our newest contribution to alternative transportation is the Bike Lounge, opened on November 18th, which includes a secure bike parking area, racks, and repair tools.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

The Bike Lounge is an added level of convenience for tenants who are helping to reduce traffic and air pollution by riding their bikes to the office. The area is secured by keycard access and video surveillance, and a variety of free tools are available for tire, pedal, and frame maintenance. Adjacent to the bike racks there is a sleek lounge complete with couches, a pool table, and a map that shows bike paths in Los Angeles. The space encourages social gathering while promoting a green alternative for tenants’ daily commute.

Switching Gears

Los Angeles is increasingly becoming a bike-friendly city with more resources being added to accommodate bike-riding Angelenos. Biking provides physical exercise while providing an alternative to sitting on congested LA highways. We have provided bike riders with a space that encourages and maintains this decision to opt out of traditional transportation methods.

We look forward to growing our efforts to make LA Center Studios a more eco-friendly campus and encouraging those around us to make a difference.

Bike Lounge Interior

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